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The stand-alone websites below pull from the same database as Every.CITY, except the events, specials, news, businesses, etc. are limited to the specific focus. Sign in and customize your Home Page Focused Website list for quicker access.

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If your business or organization is located in Madison, Kentucky, and your business or organization is not listed, you can join and begin posting your Events, Specials, Help Wanted Ads and News Items, all for FREE.

How It Works

Businesses & Organizations

Be the business everybody thinks of when they need the products and services you provide.

Keep current and future customers updated on your products and services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Update your information easily and as often as you like..

You can post stock conditions, open hours, what you are doing to provide a safe environment and let your customers know what you expect of them. Also inform your customers of any other news or information not related to the pandemic. For example, you can post:

  • News Items: These can include any new products or services you provide, helpful reminders for your customers, a new piece of equipment you have that will provide better service, and anything else that local residents would enjoy reading.
  • Specials: As we all try to return to profitability, you will benefit from this new way to increase sales and traffic. When you post your Specials, include the start and end dates, and Every.CITY will display your items only within those dates.
  • Events: As you begin to hold Events, you can spell out your safety measures as well as your safety expectations for attendees.
  • Help Wanted Ads: With all the furloughed and laid-off employees looking for jobs right now, post your Help Wanted Ads soon where they can be viewed at the City and County levels.

Next, there is a free lead system built into Every.CITY where local residents can describe what products and services they are looking for and even attach an optional image. They then specify a Business Category and the system will generate leads to all businesses in that Category. If you have indicated an interest in receiving free leads, you can then follow up with their request.

There are many more things you can do in Every.CITY-- be sure to check out the additional Steps below...

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Residents & Consumers

Take Advantage of all Your Community has to Offer

Wouldn't it be nice if all the community News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads were in the same place? And with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is even more important right now. That is what you get with Every.CITY where "Everything Local is in One Place." The major services of this website are free to general users.

There are also free educational applications where your children can play Math for Prizes, State Capitals for Prizes and more.

To help you get started, we have organized the features of Every.CITY into 10 Steps so you can learn and take advantage of everything at your own pace.

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Chambers, BBBs & Associations

Help Your Businesses Promote Themselves

As a Chamber of Commerce, BBB or Downtown Association, you are always on the lookout for ways to help and support your business members. We think Every.CITY provides you with a perfect opportunity to help you achieve your goal.

Using Every.CITY, businesses can keep residents up-to-date on how they are proceeding through the Covid-19 phases. Businesses can post their hours, stock conditions, how their processes have been modified to provide the safest conditions possible, and a lot more.

The Business Directories in Every.CITY provide icons for Google Maps, Covid-19 accommodations, hours of work, and more importantly for you, your icon next to your member businesses or organizations. When residents look through the directory to help them select the best business to work with, they will usually select those with Chamber, BBB or Downtown Association members as they know those businesses tend to be more legitimate, stable, and contributing members of the community. Non-member businesses also recognize that and how they are at a disadvantage, and maybe more inclined to join your Chamber, BBB or Downtown Association.

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Boards of Education

Provide Free, Self-Motivating Learning Opportunities

Take advantage of the many educational apps built into Every.CITY. For example, Math for Prizes is an app where students generate their own motivation rather than being "nagged" by others. They do so by competing against the clock to win prizes their parents offer (i.e. a trip to the movies, chocolate milk shake, etc.) or a prize their teachers offer (i.e. skip the quiz on Friday, etc.).

But for even more fun, students can try to win prizes offered by local businesses (i.e. an ice cream cone, a round of miniature golf, a slice of pizza, etc.). To win those prizes a student must answer 100 random 12 times problems in less than 5 minutes. There are other programs like State Capitals for Prizes, History for Prizes, and more will be added all the time.

But the best opportunity for Boards of Education is to use our templates to add your own questions and answers to our apps. By doing so, you can match your local curriculum to the challenge of earning prizes and increasing student knowledge through self-motivation, all for free.

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Governments: City & County

Be A Model Municipality

Welcome to July 2020, and the start of reopening our country. Do you want to be a model municipal government that your businesses and residents truly appreciate during the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery? If so, we can help you provide them with a much needed level of quality support, and our help won’t cost you a dime. In fact, we even provide a mechanism where you can get some financial contributions to cover the minimal labor costs associated with providing this quality support.

You can trigger this very helpful level of support TODAY, when it’s needed most. Our process is not a “one and done” process — we will continue to help your local businesses and residents far into the future, even after the pandemic subsides. Every.CITY ( is a community engagement website that contains about 30,000 cities and all 3100+ counties in the United States.

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Local Partners (Share Revenue)

Get Paid for Helping Us Grow Your Community

Chances are, if you care about your community, you are probably already aware of many of the events, etc. happening in your community. Your role will be to engage with all user types within Every.CITY, including:

  1. Businesses & Organizations
  2. Residents & Consumers
  3. Local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and/or Downtown Association
  4. Local City & County Government
  5. Local Board of Education

And once we get good content on your websites, we will not have any trouble selling the very inexpensive advertising. And it is from that advertising revenue that you will be paid your share.

Finally, to help maintain the integrity of the Partner selection, you should discuss this opportunity with your city or county officials, or with you local Chamber of Commerce (who will discuss with the city or county officials on your behalf). Once you get that endorsement, please complete the Partner Application process so we can get you approved and set up.

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